Because of Him

Happy Easter Everyone. I hope you are all spending some quality time with your families and remembering the reason we celebrate Easter. This is a new video that just came out called “Because of Him” I Love it!


Because of him, WHEN we fail, because no one on this Earth is perfect and we all will fail at some point, we can have a second chance. 
Because of him,
WHEN I fail, and believe me I have failed and will continue to horribly fail at certain times in my life. I can have a second chance. Not one of us escapes this world without the scratches of sin and the open and bleeding wounds of hurt, guilt, and shame.
When we do the unthinkable in a marriage. When we give into that addiction “one last time”. When we feel so desperate that we act out in a sorry attempt to gain control. When we let the hate and anger consume us. When it hurts so bad we don’t want to be alive any longer.
He is there. He is there to lift us up to let us know that everything will be ok. That we are in his hands. That even when we fail we are still worth the excruciating pain that he endured on the cross. That he still loves us no matter the sin and he will take away those sins IF we let him, and he will take away that pain IF we let him.  The Lord knew the pain of this world would be too much for us to bear alone. Not only did he pay the price for our far less than perfect actions, he paid the price for the suffering those actions have caused those we have hurt. The atonement provides hope for all. Hope that the many wrongs will be made right and hope that despite the pain we will overcome. Hold on to that hope.  Christ suffered on the cross so that he could give us that hope.  Give him your trust, give him that hope and he will heal whatever scratches and open wounds you have or will ever have. He has been there for me and I know that he is there for you. Trust in him.
Enjoy your Easter and find gratitude in the amazing gift Christ has given us.