Renovation Station

$5 Garage Sale Fireplace and Tufting Tutorial

I have a fetish for fireplaces! I LOVE THEM WITH ALL MY HEART! I bought a falling apart, piece of  junk fireplace at a garage sale for $5 dollars. The mantel, body and legs of the fireplace were all disassembled. With a little wood glue and and some TLC we… continue reading

Kitchen Backsplash

After completing our kitchen cabinets we started on our backsplash. I was actually surprised at how inexpensive it was to tile the black splash. We spent about $100 dollars on the tile for the back splash and the majority of that went to our decorative tiles.  We bought all our tile… continue reading

Kitchen Island

Our final step in completing our kitchen renovation was to finish our kitchen island. At first I want to use stone around the island but decided not to because of the large price tag that came with it. I decided to go with a two toned traditional style island that… continue reading