DIY Faux White Deer

Meet Mr. P.D. Lepcam

(which stands for Please Don’t Let PETA Come After ME)

We will call him Pedey for short.


Pedey is a deer that my Mom bought at a garage sale several years ago to decorate my little brothers room. When they grew tired of Pedey he was tossed in a pile of junk and brought to my house to have a garage sale with. I took one look at him and told my husband to throw him away. He was UGLY and I didn’t think anyone would buy him. My husband protested for a minute trying to reason that the deer was just old but could look really cool somewhere in our house. Ha! No way was that thing going in my house. I insisted that he be thrown away. Later that day when I walked out in the garage there was Pedey’s face staring at me. My husband had saved him from the trash and  hung him on a wall in the garage.  When I asked my husband why he wasn’t in the trash where he belonged he told me he wanted to have a place in the house to decorate and hang his things on and since I wouldn’t give him a wall in the house, the garage would have to do. I allowed Mr. Pedey to stay but hated looking at the old deer every time I walked into my garage. After moving into a new house somehow once again Pedey escaped the trash and made it onto the wall in my new garage. I guess I didn’t mind him so much anymore, turns out he was actually a functional garage accessory. He made a good rack for holding Mountain Man’s fishing poles and life jackets and whatever else we could find.

As I was designing my daughters room for the new house I decided that I wanted one of those white faux deer to go on her wall. But they were so expensive! I couldn’t fork out that kind of money. I tossed around the idea of buying a taxidermy mount and adding some antlers to it but even that was still more than I wanted to pay. One night I was brainstorming with C.J. and one of his hunting buddies about my options. All of the sudden C.J. poped off the couch, walked into the garage and brought Pedey in. I looked at him with an annoyed “you’re kidding me, I hate that thing, why the heck do you love it so much? It should have been thrown away years ago! “ kinda looks.  Little did I know that old ugly deer I hated so much would one day be part of an incredible stroke of genius (also slightly morbid at the same time)  thought up by C.J. and a good friend. Pedey was going to become my white faux deer I wanted so badly.

First, we brushed all the loose hair from Pedey and made sure he was well groomed.


Then we gave him a good shave and took off his eye lashes, whiskers, and fuzz in his ears. 


Now that he was clean shaven he was ready for our project. Thats right my friends…Mod Podge. We encased the poor soul in Mod Podge!


If for whatever reason you find yourself an ugly old deer and you are following this as a tutorials you will want to brush in the direction of the fur so that you get all of  it to lay down flat.


Here he is! With 2 coats and half a bottle of mod podge I had a deer that could be spray painted.deer4

Pedey’s ears had some issues that needed to be fixed but I was too excited to fix them before painting.



His ears had chipped away (because I think he is probably older than me!) and the cardboard underneath was exposed.


To fix this I went and picked up a bucket of Magic Mold Air Dry Clay and formed him a new ear.



After spraying his ears again, I used paint tape to give the wood mount a few teal stripes to go with the color scheme of Jaysa’s room

small deer

I am loving Pedey’s new makeover! No more hot summers in the garage for him. He has now been promoted to indoor material and will be hanging on the wall in Jaysa’s room! Have I teased you enough? Are you dying to see what I have done with her room yet??? I can not wait to show you!!! ….Soon I promise! 🙂

4 comments on “DIY Faux White Deer

  1. Pauline Molinari July 14, 2014 9:03 pm

    I LOVE HIM! I love the final product! Thanks for sharing your tutorial on the Monday Funday Party!

  2. Lauren @ Bless'er House July 15, 2014 10:05 pm

    I half laughed / half cringed / half was in awe (okay that’s 1 1/2…I’m bad at math) of this entire post! LOVE it! If I ever get my hands on an old deer mount, I’m SO doing it! I might make the hubby trim him up though. Shudder. Lookin’ good, Pedey. Pinning now 🙂

  3. The Women of Westwood July 17, 2014 2:39 pm

    He was so scary looking before! Love the after! Faux white deer heads are really expensive! I’ve been looking for one for awhile now. Maybe I can find a spare deer head just laying around somewhere

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