Farmhouse Table #2!

Does anyone remember Farmhouse table #1??? 
Here is a link to the more detailed tutorial (HERE). The difference between this tutorial and farmhouse table #2 is that we didn’t have to go through the challenge of using the massive C clamps and I also used a chalk paint that contained a secret ingredient….oooooooooo!!!!

Originally I had wanted Farmhouse table #1 to have white legs but I let my hubby talk me into lpainting it so it matched the cabinets. Eventually I got really tired of the rustic style and wanted to lighten the house up with more whites so the first place I started was the table. I sold the old table and found this one at a garage sale for $35 dollars.  
Again, what I loved about this table was the thick legs. Before you find a table you like make sure that the table top can be removed! I would hate for you to buy a table without looking to see if the top comes off and later when its too late find out that it doesn’t! (Do they all? I’m not sure but just in case, take a peek).

We started by turning the table over and unscrewing the top. At that point it was just the base of the table and the legs. If you need more detailed pictures, head to the tutorial for farmhouse table #1 (HERE)
I also used chalk paint to paint the legs. I had never used chalk paint and wanted to see what everyone was going nuts about. DO NOT GO BUY EXPENSIVE CHALK PAINT!!!! There are reciepes all over the internet that tell you how to make it. Pretty much all chalk paint is is a slightly watered down paint with a few table spoons of plaster or paris, or unsanded grout. On my chairs I tried a plaster of paris and wasn’t a huge fan. After reading up more,  I found a blog called Crystelle Boutique that uses cornstarch. CLICK HERE for get reciepe! I love this idea because it’s a common house hold item and you don’t have to buy a big bag of it. I also LOVED the way it turned out. The paint sticks better, it paints smoother with less brush strokes and its softer to the touch. I also haven’t  had any chips in the paint. My chairs are chipping already. BOO! 
After the legs dry you will have to run a FINE grit sanding block over everything. Finally, you will use a wax to finish it off. I used old t-shirts with this process. if you are using it on a project you painted white make sure to use a white t-shirt. I had a little trouble with colored fibers against the white. All you have to do is get a little wax on your rag and rub it on. Wax on type of thing

 After painting and waxing the legs and base of the table we ran to Home Depot to pick out some wood for the top of our table. We used 4 8×2 boards that were 6 feet long and 12 inches wide. We had them cut 4 inches off the end right there at the store. The key to not having to use the enormous sea clamps is laying your wood out on the floor at the store. Make sure the wood lays flat and is not warped in any way. After choosing four good pieces, lay them side by side to make sure they fit snug and that there are no major spaces in between each board. We did not distress this table. In the orignial Farmhouse table post there is a great You Tube tutorial you can check out for distressing. 
After getting the wood home we immidiately sanded and stained the wood and screwed the table top on that day. In the first tutorial I waited a month between buying the wood and actually starting on the project. BAD IDEA! By that time the wood had warped and it was really hard to get the wood to fit snug, hence the large obnoxious sea clamps that I hate so much! To make sure the planks stay snug  C.J. drilled holes in the side for dowels and used wood glue to glue the dowels in to keep the pieces of wood together. Here is a picture that might explain this process a little bit better.

 After that is done to every plank and your wood glue is dry you will screw your new table top to the table base using the same method and hardware the old table had. If you really want to you can add a few 2×4’s to the underneath of your table top to make sure the boards are secure and don’t drift away from each other over time. If you do this just make sure your screws are not longer than your wood! 

Here is my finished table. I am working on the chairs right now.

 Does anyone remember these? My mom bought 8 of these chairs at a garage sale for me for $100 dollars. I paid $12.50 per chair! I sold the two captain chairs to a friend for $25 a piece so I already made half my money back. I cant wait to FINALLY get these chairs done and show you what the look like!

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  1. Jennifer Schmitz March 9, 2014 5:13 pm

    Your table is so pretty. I love how it turned out!

  2. Cara Zimmer March 16, 2014 1:34 pm

    Love it! Gonna have to browse your blog a bit, I think we have the same taste in decor:)

  3. Tammi Young March 16, 2014 5:39 pm

    Love your project and tips. I did something similar with my table (same style). I painted the bottom black & backs of chairs black. Then I sanded and stained the pine top a dark coffee color (after distressing and denting). I love the finished look.

    Refinishing and purposing furniture is fun isn’t it?

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