Fashion on a Dime: 60’s Bell Bottoms

Savers is one of my FAVORITE places to shop these days. I found these adorable navy blue high waisted bell bottoms there a while back. They were probably donated out of the estate of some 90 year old woman who kept all of her clothes from the 60’s but HEY! I am going to rock them!






My financial stats for this outfit are:

Blue 60’s bell bottoms- $2.99 at Savers with a 20% discount which comes to $2.40

Multicolored blouse- $2 at a garage sale

Tan wedges- $6.99 at Savers

Cream watch- $2 at a garage sale

Army Green Charles David Purse- $1 at a garage sale

My total outfit cost is $14.40

My DPWF is $1.45

Click Here if you don’t know what DPWF is!

One comment on “Fashion on a Dime: 60’s Bell Bottoms

  1. Nathalie April 3, 2015 3:25 am

    Your wall is ilke a wonderland. I have never seen such deiraotcons on ones wall. I wish I could have that wall in my bedroom colored with pink That would make a very cute one you think? 🙂

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