Fashion on a Dime #15

This is by far one of my favorite outfits I have fashioned so far. These pants are so fun! I tried these jeans on at Savers and actually decided against them. They were really cute but leopard print is the LAST thing I need. I have Leopard print GALORE! After looking through my discard pile to make sure there wasn’t anything I wanted in it, I picked these jeans back up and thought well maybe if they are cheap. I took a look at the price tag…$2.99!!!!….. Heck yes, I am going to buy these! Sold to ME!









Here is how much everything cost:
Leopard jeans- $2.99 at Savers WITH a 20% discount which comes to $2.40
Brown and gold studded Guess wedge sandals- $8.99 at the Good Will
Belt- $2 at the D.I.
Jean Shirt- $15 at Kohls
Brown leather Nine West purse- $3.00 at D.I.
Gold earrings- $3.99 at Savers with a 30% discount which comes to $2.80
My total outfit cost is 22.80
My DPWF is about $2.30