Fashion on a Dime

I am really starting to like the grungier street style. It’s so much more my personality!! No heels, comfy clothes, baggier t-shirts…..yes, yes and yes!! I love it all! 
I styled this outfit around the blue jean vest. I bought it at Savers. It was originally a jean jacket. Since I already had a jean jacket I loved, I decided to cut the sleeves off and make it into a vest.

My Financial Stats for this outfit are:

Jean Jacket turned vest- $5.99 at Savers with a 30% discount which comes to $4.20
Army Green T- $8.00 on clearance sale at Khols
Black pants- $7.99 at Savers with a 30% discount which comes to $5.60
Brown high tops- $25 on a Buy one get one free sale at Forever Shoes in the mall (another splurge)
My total cost for this outfit is $42.80 (still high for me but still some great deals)
DPWF of $4.30 cents

 My dear miss Paisley refuses to wear anything but dresses! Getting her to wear anything but a dress is like pulling teeth!
  This outfit I bought at a garage sale
Yellow dress- $1
Yellow jelly shoes- $1
Total outfit cost is $2 dollars!
DPWF is .20 cents


 Jaysa’s financial stats are:
Teal Ed Hardy T-shirt- $6.99 with a 60% discount which comes to $2.80
Purple polka dot pants- $3.99 with a 60% off discount which comes to $1.60
Sliver flats- $3 dollars off the St. George online yard sale page
Jaysa’s total outfit cost is $7.40
DPWF is .74 cents

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  1. Abigail April 4, 2014 5:14 am

    I am loving the jean vest. It works so well for this outfit:)

    Found your blog via the linkup. I’d love for you to check out my new post on the site. Or, if you’d like to follow each other on GFC or social media, let me know:

  2. Tela @ Sweet Southern T April 7, 2014 3:44 pm

    Cute Cute Cute yellow dress! I have a dress lover myself and I am a Goodwill shopping momma! I love that you dress your girls for cheap and they are still SO ADORABLE!!! Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from Join the Gossip! Happy Monday.

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