Ferguson Update

My website is still under some construction. The look I have now is just temporary. We took family pictures for the final design a couple weeks ago and I just want to show them off a bit! I dressed my entire family for under $40!!


Teal pants-$15 at the Orang County Swap Meet.

Cream blouse- FREE at an clothing exchange party!

Necklace- $3 at a garage sale


Gold dress with teal sash- $2 at a garage sale

Paisley’s Necklace- .50 from a garage sale


Teal cardigan $1.00 at a garage sale

Cream and tan leopard shorts: .50 cents at a garage sale

Jaysa’s necklace- .50 cents at a garage sale


Tan jeans- $7.99 at Savers

White pearl snap- $8 at a thrift store in town

Our combined total outfit cost is $38.50

Our combined DPWF is $3.85 cents!!!!!

 I have also had to slow down my posts to once a week because of a new adventure I started called Following the Robin where I give others in my area access to all the amazing deals I find while shopping! Here are some of the things they have had a chance to win.

Mid Century Green, White and Gold dresser

 Antique floor lamp

Vintage Wingback chair

 Twin chevron print headboard with matching nightstand

 The coolest antique desk ever!

 Lots of vintage mirrors

 Mid century dresser with matching nightstand

 Mid century hutch

 Set of four antique chairs

 White and gold filling cabinet

 Antique floral cabinet

Antique desk

Antique white headboard

I LOVE finding great deals and sharing them with others!!

You can find my Following The Robin HERE!

One comment on “Ferguson Update

  1. Margie April 2, 2015 11:35 pm

    Ooh, I like that you went with the drop pulls. It looks great. And good idea about the dog with you. I keep wondering if I want to go the Craigs List route to sale items or to find a congisnment shop. Hard decision, thus the reason I haven’t really done anything yet to sale. You will have to let us know how it goes.

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