Fireplace Revamp

I have a fetish for fireplaces! I love them! The only problem is I don’t actually have a real fireplace in my house. But I wasnt about to let that stop me. I found this amazing fireplace at a garage sale for $75 dollars! My husband thought I was absolutely crazy because we were still just renting a little place.  I stored it until we bought a house because I knew one day it would be beautiful in my living room! After three years in our first home I decided it was time for the fireplace to be revamped. Here is my before.

faux fireplace,

This has nothing to do with my tutorial but I had to add this picture in! I wanted to see what these wood sconces would look like on either side of the fireplace but we didnt have an extra person to hold them up so I could stand back to see what I thought, so we had the brilliant idea to set the camera on a timer. CJ ran back just in time to put the sconce on the wall and smile for the picture. To this day this is still one of my favorite memories


Alright back to our original post.

Here is my latest completed project!

faux fireplace, decorating with antlers,  vintage mirror

I am so happy with the difference and love the new look it gives my living room. Here is how I did it. After a long day of elk hunting I begged Mountain man to cut a couple aspen tress down for me.


We got several different sizes of logs to give our faux fireplace the look we wanted. However, we didn’t have a big enough saw to cut them so we had to get a bit creative. We made cuts in the wood as far as the saw would go.


Then we grabbed the hand saw to cut through the rest of the log.


These circles are all about the same size but after we started laying the circles out I really liked the look of having some thicker than others because it added a lot of dimension. After the log was cut we laid all our aspen circles out in the sun to dry out for a couple days.


After our circles were dry they were rough and yellow. We sanded them down to smooth them out and they turned the beautiful white you see on all those pretty pictures on Pinterest!


Here is the before and after for sanding. Such a difference!


Our next step was to make a board for all our aspen circles to be glued on. We shimmied a large piece of paper behind the center of the fireplace to trace our opening.


Then we went to Home Depot and picked out a long board that was about 1 inch thick. You have to pick something out that is thick enough to bare the weight of your circles. After cutting our paper out we traced the outline to the board.


We then cut it out with a jig saw.


Then we painted the board black, which will give your faux fireplace depth and make your white aspen circles pop.


When your board is dry start arranging your circles on the board. Be patient. Getting this just right is just like doing a puzzle. Start from the bottom of the board and work your way to the top. Once you have the entire board filled you will lift each circle up and glue it down with wood glue. This is what your board will look like before you put it in your fireplace.


I stole this picture from Pinterest because I forgot to take a picture of my own. Here is the website for it. (Click Here)

 Our final product! The cost of this project was a $15 dollar board from Home Depot and a $3 sample of paint. The Total cost was eighteen dollars! Such an amazing new look! I love it!!!!faux fireplace, decorating with antlers,  vintage mirror

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