Girl’s Bedroom Makeover

When your entire house is getting a make over where is the best place for you to start?? Who knows! But I started with my girl’s rooms. I am in the process of selling her old furniture right now but I have all her new furniture picked out and I started with her dresser. In Jaysa’s room we are going with a teal pink and white color scheme. As I was out garage saleing one saturday morning, I found this dresser. The dresser itself was in pretty good condition. It’s nothing too special but what made me fall in love with it was the crystal knobs. They were perfect for a little girls room!


I did a little bargaining and and got the dresser for $20.


Later I found this antique mirror and thought the dresser and mirror could make a good match. As I started in on my new project I realized the dresser was going to have to be stripped. Normally I dont strip a piece of furniture, however, this dresser had a pretty bad paint job with lots of drip spots. Using stripper is a pretty easy way to take paint off of things. Depending on the paint it can be a little time consuming but it was worth it to get the bad paint job off the wood.





I also decided to strip the mirror since it had several coats of paint on it and I could see brush strokes.

After stripping the dresser I had one corner of the dresser that had been chipped due to normal wear and tear that I needed to fix before painting. If you going to paint over wood and the color doesn’t matter I usually will use a spackel that you would fill holes in your walls with. It actually says on the tub that you can use it on wood, which I didn’t even know till a couple months ago!!


Here is the spot that needed repair


When your working with spackle on a flat surface apply it with a puddy knife to get it nice and level. Spackle can be tricky cause it can crumble when you are working with it but be patient it bonds well and does not crack after being applied.

After the dresser was completely stripped I used my favorite DIY chalk paint recipe, and gave the dresser a pale pink coat of paint.





Here is a little sneak peek to the rest of her room! Can’t wait to show you how it turned out!


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