Inside the Robin’s Nest Furniture Upcycle

Every once in a while I find a piece of furniture that I like enough to repaint. I found this old chest at the Salvation Army in Las Vegas.


I immediately fell in love with the lines and knew I could make it beautiful. For my color combo I let all the mint and gold I keep seeing on Pinterest be my inspiration. I took some gold spray paint and sprayed the parts that I wanted to be gold. I have also been hearing about this Vaseline trick and wanted to give it a shot so I rubbed some Vaseline on the areas I wanted to stay gold and then sprayed it with my mint paint. The Vaseline was a bit messy but it worked like a charm! It gave me a great distressed look! However….

WARNING: Do not get the Vaseline on your clothes! I was wearing some of my favorite workout pants and brushed up against one of the spots that I had rubbed vaseline on and it left a grease stain on my pants. I had to have a moment of silence for them when I pulled them out of the washer and the grease spot hadn’t come out. Still Sniffling.

This piece was featured in an article in the Etched magazine!


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