Jaysa & Paisley Dance Pictures

Alright, This post might need a little explaining…

The other day I got all excited because my girls were going to have their dance pictures taken. How fun?! I loved all those studio pictures of me as a kid. We spent all afternoon getting ready doing hair, makeup and nails. When I got to the studio they wanted to charge me an arm and a leg for 4 images on two cd’s…. Literally, I am pretty sure some very rich person would have bought one of my arms and one of my legs for what they were charging. At first I thought “Well, at least they will look really professional?”… Ya, that was a question. I was trying to find some silver lining in the situation. Help me out! As I was trying to wrap my head around the price I watched the photographer pose Paisley, step back and click….. that was it… she was done. ONE picture. I mean for that price shouldn’t there be some spotlights and a fan blowing somewhere? Where’s my red carpet, Shouldn’t there be several of you snapping shots from every angle, trying to get my famous 5 year olds attention? She then rushed Paisley off stage and asked for the next kid… uuuuummmmm hold up. We have a problem. I’m pretty sure I didn’t even like the face she was making when you took that ONE picture. What if her eyes are half closed? Did you even have enough time to see if you were focused? I don’t even think the camera made it to your face before you snapped that shot. Does it atleast look decant? Well how would you know? I swear you didnt even look at your camera afterward to double check. Ok… maybe I exaggerate a little but middle finger to you anyway, ridiculously fast snapping and over priced photographer! I will just go take my own dance pictures! 🙂

When I took my girls out to take their pictures I had no expectations (other than the fact I knew I was going to be taking more than ONE shot). When my girls got in front of my lens I told them “You rock it girl!” Jaysa seriously surprised me. I had no idea she was a natural. Paisley on the other hand….. I started trying to coach her a little bit and told her to cross her legs at her ankles and she said in the most disgusted voice “Mom… ugh… that is so not fashionable” hahahaha! So I let her go with it and I am so glad I did because they turned out so funny and cute!! Here is what I got.



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