Memorial Day Vacation

Guess where I am going!!!!!
I am not going to lie. This sounds like we are really going to be roughing it. We have a 10 mile hike in and we have to carry EVERYTHING. Food, water, personals, shelter. If you need it you carry it.

This is all I am taking for the whole weekend.

Got all the essentials for food. Costco muffins, deer jerky, popcorn, apple crisps, PB&J, a couple MRE’s and of course some High Chews!

 A lot of people rent a pack mule to carry their things and let me tell you, I picked out THE CUTEST mule you have ever seen and I know he will do the best job of carrying my things down. I even snapped a picture of him! Meet my ass, Calvin. (What the bible says it.) 😉

JK, I will be carrying my own load down.

But Shhhhhh. Dont tell my ass because when he wasnt looking, I shoved a few more essentials in his pack.
A half eaten box of Lorna Doone cookies (cause it doesn’t weigh as much if it’s half eaten…that’s why I ate half of it!… Duh) and a good book to read! 

Wish me Luck! I will be missing my Sunday post because believe it or not, I am not taking my computer down there!!!! I know, I feel a little naked but it’s dead weight (I thought about sneaking it in C.J.’s pack but I thought he  
would notice for sure! They don’t have any internet service anyway. I will post on Monday when I get back! Hope you all have a great holiday weekend!