Old Hutch Upcycle

I have been painting a couple pieces of furniture for a client who’s daughter is trying to help her update her house.  After picking out a couple pieces of furniture to update together I got a call. I worked really hard to get this done before her daughter came back into town so we could surprise her with the new look. I have loved going in and helping out with decorating to help make this cute little lady more current. Hoping her daughter was impressed! I am loving how this hutch turned out.

Here is our before picture.  Just old and outdated.hutch-before

 And our transformation! I pulled the boring dark backing off the hutch and put a bead board painted teal in it’s place. I also found an amazing place to get hardware for cheap. It is a Lowes company called ATG Stores. They have great selections for good prices and their customer service is AMAZING! The handles on this hutch were actually a nightmare They were 4×4 center to center handles which they don’t really make anymore!! Chris over at the customer service center spent 30 mins with me on the phone helping me find something that would work for the hutch.




 My client is a Coca-cola fan! Her entire kitchen is full of coca-cola memorabilia and teal accents so her new hutch fit right in and became her new display for some of her favorite items. I love the teals and reds together!



One comment on “Old Hutch Upcycle

  1. Matias April 2, 2015 12:14 pm

    Kori – I’m just getting back into soropbcaking now that I have a new baby and this is so beautiful and is giving me so many great ideas! Thanks for making this website!!

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