Smart Spending: Design for my backsplash


No I didn’t find these at a garage sale but I got an AMAZING price on these and thought I would share. My husband and I are in the middle of a kitchen renovation and are working on the back splash at the moment. When I went out shopping for tile I was blown away at how expensive tile was. I first saw these tiles at LOWES and fell IN LOVE… then I saw the price tag… 26.60 PER TILE!!!!!!!!! My dreams were completely dashed. I continued looking around for something else hoping I could find something else I liked as much but with a much smaller price tag. My husband and I are here in Las Vegas visiting my parents and stopped by a tile store called Floor and Decor Outlets. Click HERE to go to their website. I didn’t think we would find much but low and behold there was the EXACT same tile with a much MUCH smaller price tag.

Please compare the two. The tile above was 4.38 per tile
The tile below is 26.60 per tile
I saved 22.22 dollars per tile!!! We bought a total of 20 tiles so my total savings was $444.40!!! I cant believe it!!!! Thats a garage sale price!
I think the lesson to be learned here is that you can have what you want if you are smart about it and you shop around!!!