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If any of you have read My Year From Hell post you may understand some of the difficulties I have had to face over the last little while. I was not able to get through that time in my life alone. Through a close friend I was put in contact with some very amazing people who I want to share with you. Turning Leaf Wellness Center has been the rock to my foundation through the hardest times in my life. Dean Nixon and his staff have taught me life changing lessons, many of which I talk about in my personal posts. I have been through their seminars, parenting class and a lot of life coaching sessions. If you are ever looking for any sort of emotional help or support these people come with my highest recommendations.

P.S. they are also a lot of fun to hang out with too! 🙂 10603409_10153206248834622_8496093627967953480_n

Turning Leaf Testimonial:

Turning Leaf came to me at a time I thought I was at rock bottom. I was a lost and broken individual who hated her life. I wanted out. According to the culture I lived in,  nothing in my life was “right.”  I let myself play the all or nothing game and told myself because I couldn’t be “right,” I wasn’t worth it. The pressure of not being able to live up to those expectations was more than I could handle.  Because I couldn’t handle them, I told myself I should just give up. At any moment, I was ready and posed at the starting line waiting for the sound of the gun knowing that when it went off my legs would carry me from the fears and pressures of my life, leaving my family and everyone else behind.

In one last ditch effort, before I let everything crumble, I attended a Turning Leaf seminar that a friend begged me to go to for over a year.

Turning Leaf helped me understand, accept and love myself.  They helped me learn to love the situation around me and carried me through one of the hardest years of my life. What I thought was rock bottom when I started the seminars was merely a ledge in a deep dark hole. I struggled through charges and a trial against a baby sitter for inappropriate things he did to my daughter,  a cancer scare, a marriage separation, and a prompting that someone in my family would die. By the end of the year I couldn’t get myself out of bed and found myself fighting suicidal thoughts that ran through my head.

That year, the challenges I thought I would face were supposed to be equal to a 100 meter sprint but it turned into the 400 meter hurdles. However, unlike a normal race I could never see the hurdle I was supposed to jump over until it was too late.  I stumbled over hurdles, each time falling flat on my face. I was bruised and bleeding and my body screamed at me to quit. Thankfully, the tools I learned through the Turning Leaf programs and the amazing staff pulled me to my feet each time and gave me the strength to continue the race.

What I learned through attending seminars and  life coaching sessions has changed me, my life, my children’s life and the loved ones around me.  I was able to understand and accept myself. With help, that fear that pushed me like a raging current to run away from my problems has become a respect and understanding that helps me move forward today.

This life is full of unseen hurdles. We will all fall flat on our face at some point. We are meant to struggle here in this life. What matters is what we do with those adversities.  What I have come  to learn through those trials  is that whatever we are going through; as painful as it may be, as long as we are breathing, we are okay and we can survive and overcome.

Thank you Turning Leaf for helping me create that for myself.

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