Two Sisters’ Misguided Manual to Motherhood: Book Review

two misguided sisters manual to motherhood

 I have always been a firm believer in the importance of laughing stress off. Especially when it comes to parenting. Parenting is hard enough when you have to worry about finding shoes, snotty noses, and piles of laundry, but there’s is no way to get through those 18 years without some humor. Sometimes it can be hard to find humor in every situation but if you look hard enough and let your imagination run wild for a moment, it is there. Some people may think my humor is a bit excessive and inappropriate in sensitive situations, but really people, how else are we supposed to get through this wretched life?

One of my favorite things is to hear other mothers “not-so-funny in the moment but hilarious after the fact” stories about their children. When I came across a book called “two sisters misguided manual to motherhood” I had to read it.

My expectations of deep belly laughter about someone else’s parenting horror stories were throughly fulfilled through paint fiascos, bathroom mishaps, and parent anger management but what I didn’t expect as I got to know the authors and their families was to feel so much validation in being human. I felt such comfort in knowing that expecting ourselves to be the perfect super moms, keep a spotless house, always have dinner ready, have all the homework turned in and be everywhere on time is more like demanding that we spontaneously combust into tiny little minions that run around fulfilling the needs of our children, our husbands, the house, clients at work, oh and let’s not forget that darn fish that you secretly hope will take a ride on the porcelain express soon. It’s simply impossible and unrealistic.

Jamie and Jessica do an amazing job of helping the reader to accept their humanity and help them to realize that our imperfections are what makes life interesting! Why shouldn’t we embrace them!

There is no such thing as perfection even though we as moms strive for it daily. The authors help us to understand that if perfection is the measuring stick we use on ourselves at the end of the day, we will never be enough. Accepting our own shortcomings and working with them instead of against them helps us to understand that all we can really do is make a perfect effort. And in that perfect effort comes gum in the dogs hair, accidentally dying your husbands work shirts every color but white, and kneading your daughters new pet caterpillar she placed on the counter while you weren’t looking into your famous homemade pizza dough…. And still serving it for dinner. My perfect effort will be different from yours but what we must remember is that Super Mom purely exists in small moments that come and go amidst the chaos of our lives.

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