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I am going to be taking pictures of my house and the things that I use to decorate and show you how inexpensive it can be to decorate your home! I LOVE the idea of a wall collage. The pictures on Pinterest of frame collages are so tempting to me. I also love the idea of a sliver platter collage or even a wall of white sconces. And for some reason the white animal head intrigues me too.
I don’t know why but it just does.
All of these things have provided inspiration for me on what I might want do with my wall collage. However, I had a little delima. There were so many different types of collages I loved but I had only one wall to put a collage on! So not fair. So I meshed all the things I liked into one wall collage and here it is! Picture frames, animal heads, clocks, silver platters, sconces, keys, and I love the little white bull. My husband and I are both originally from Texas so of course we have to decorate with some of our heritage! This western style can be very masculine but I think I got a decent mix of our styles. Everything on this wall is from garage sales.
Here is the financial break down.
To be honest I don’t really remember how much I paid for the clock. I remember it was a little more than I wanted to but I fell in love with this clock when I saw it so I gave in and bought it. I believe I paid somewhere around $50 dollars for it. The iron metal embellishment under the clock I bought for $1.50.
The little gold picture frame beside the clock I bought for $3.
The white sconce with the bird on top I bought three for a dollar which makes them just under 35 cents and for the iron bird I paid a dollar for.
The four gold picture frames I paid a dollar for so they were .25 cents a piece.
The picture frame around the cow skull was another thing I paid too much for. I paid $20 for it. The guy wanted $25 for it and I asked him to go $15 but he wouldn’t take anything less than $20 so I gave in. The cow skull my mom bought at a garage sale and paid $10 dollars for.
The little brown frame under the cow skull was $2 the silver platter was $5.
The wrought iron thing beside the silver platter was $3.
Again the iron embellishment at the top was $3 for two of them, so it was $1.50. I paid $2 dollars for the mirror underneath it.
The two keys that are in the wood frames were $1.50 a piece and the iron key in the middle was another $1.
The white bull below the keys was something I found at a lady’s garage sale who’s mother had just gone into a nursing home and they were trying to rid of a bunch of her stuff. Her mother did lots of ceramic casts. Most of them were of dragons and other things like that but lucky for me there was one little bull who had not been painted and I love him that way! I paid .50 cents for him. The sconce he is sitting on I bought for another .50 cents.
For the entire wall I paid about $100 dollars and about 75% of that was spent on the clock and white picture frame!

3 comments on “Wall Collage

  1. Mrs.Danielle.Warren February 10, 2012 2:38 pm

    Wow! I’m alil jealous of all of your amazing finds! WHen the hubby & I move next, I am definitely dipping my hand into garage sales!

  2. Robin and C.J. February 15, 2012 6:19 pm

    I am so happy that I can help give you ideas! Garage sales are so much fun and so cheap so its the best way to decorate!

  3. Sue@House Pretty July 14, 2012 4:51 pm

    That wall is too cool! Sorry, but minus the dead animals (please don’t throw fruit at me), I just love animals (alive) so much, sniff! sniff! But, hey, if it’s dead, at least you made good use of a part of it! (I’m guessing it was real?)

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